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Monthly Archives: December 2014

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Safe holidays for furry friends

The holidays bring together the five Fs: family, friends, fun, food, and Fido. In all the excitement it’s easy to forget about holiday safety, Fido’s safety. If you wish to avoid ending your holiday celebration at the veterinary emergency clinic, follow some essential guidelines. Don’t share your food with your dog. We love to indulge […]

Have a very thrifty Christmas!

Ah Christmas. It’s all eggnog, chocolate, family visits, reindeer sweater and enormous credit card bills. In our chase to buy the perfect present, decorations and THE dress or suits for the office holiday party, we get carried away with our spending.   But having an amazing Christmas doesn’t have to mean shelling out all our hard […]

By the numbers – renters grow nationwide

The U.S. Department of Commerce, in collaboration with the Census Bureau, conducted in 2012 an American Community Survey that reflected how American citizens reside. The highest percentage of owner-occupied housing units were in West Virginia, with 72 percent, followed closely by Iowa, Minnesota, Maine, and Michigan. Meanwhile, the highest number of renters  were in Hawaii, […]